Company History

The maintenance-and-construction RemStroySvyaz office as a construction company in the system of the BSSR Ministry of Communications was founded according to the order no.190 of the BSSR Minister of Communications, Dec.8, 1968 and operates since 1979.

BelRemStroySvyaz, a Construction and Maintenance Trust, was founded on the base of the former construction and maintenance Office, reinforced with the regional units.

From 1990 up till 1996 the Trust had been a lease enterprise.

Open Joint Stock Company was founded by restructuring the lease enterprise BelRemStroySvyaz on the basis of the mutual decision made during the HR conference that gathered the entire labor force of the former enterprise, according to the protocol no.7, Dec.24, 1996., and the order no.334 “About the transfer of state property to the foundation board of the Joint Stock Company” of the Ministry of state property management and privatization, Republic of Belarus, Dec.31, 1996. This is how during the process of state-owned property privatization the lease enterprise had become a rightful faculty of the former enterprise.

The Company is a part of the system of enterprises under the Ministry of Communications and Informatization, Republic of Belarus. The system includes 13 organizations, with 5 being commercial units with the state ownership; two organizations financed from the budget, five open joint-stock companies and one closed joint-stock company, 40 branches, 240 communication centers with the total amount of 48 600 employees.

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